Model A-level answer…

I hope everyone had a good half term. We were camping on the Isles of Scilly where George trialled the Ice Cream Diet (basically blagging free ice cream off his doting grandmother for 3 meals a day). Perhaps more wholesomely, there were rock pools galore, and huge numbers of female shore crabs, laden with orange eggs. And a crane, of all bizarre things, hopelessly lost, presumably having taken a wrong turn somewhere over the Urals, wandering one of the beaches.

Back at school, and it’s empty. Year 13s gone, Year 11s gone, Year 12s gone until next week, Year 10s on study leave, Year 7s on residential trip. I don’t see Year 9s until Friday. I don’t teach Year 8s. So I’ve not got any topical teaching to report. Instead, I thought I’d share this example of an OCR Biology question. It was lying around at home, and Peter (6), saw it and decided to have a go. What I love about this is that he knew exactly what he was meant to do (fill in the gaps) and didn’t let his lack of knowledge/vocabulary get in the way. I also like the fact that his answer would score exactly the same number of marks as someone using genuine (but incorrect) biological terminology.

Try reading it aloud. If, like me, you’re in need of some serious cheering up, it’s a great therapy. I can’t tell what he wrote for the final answer – any suggestions?

Peter's A-level answer


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